GUATEMALA  If you ever plan a trip to Central America DO NOT MISS GUATEMALA!  This country is so diverse! From the Hustle & Bustle of the city to secret waterfalls to ancient ruins in the jungle to lake side towns & volcanos, Guatemala is a must!
 TIKAL  Located in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle, Tikal is one of the largest Ancient Mayan Ruins site in the world. Or, if you're a Star Wars fan, you may recognise this area as Yavin 4, from A New Hope.  Our group actually camped in tiny tents, in the middle of this jungle. It was incredible. We woke at 3.30am with our local guide and trekked to the top of an ancient Mayan Temple. From there, we sat and watched the sunrise. As the sun began to rise the Howler Monkeys lived up to there name! Fun fact, Howler Monkeys roars were used in Jurassic Park for some of the Dinosaurs so you can imagine how crazy it was, sitting on top of an ancient temple listening to these insane roars all over the jungle. Amazing.
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 Another fun adventure is the Canopy tour in Tikal! Get your Tarzan & Jane skills out as you glide yourself around the top of the Jungle. Note: not for anyone afraid of heights as you litterally control yourself and your speed so no room for error here but OH SO FUN!
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 FLORES  On our way from Tikal to Rio Dulce we stopped in at Flores, a colourful Island town, paved with cobblestones and accessed via a 500m causeway. 
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 Quick stop off on our way to Rio Dulce at the Paradiso Waterfall, located in a farmers backyard. I gave all my food and lollies to the local kids, not the healthiest treat haha!
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 RIO DULCE  You will be overwhelmed with the variety of delicious street food in Rio Dulce! After munching on as much food as we could fit in our bellies, we hopped on a boat to our River Side Cabin.   During our stay, we spent a day on a boat tour along the river. We passed by San Filipe, Bird Island and communities such as Pintada, Cayo Quabo where they have no water or electricity. My favourite was the water lilies, they only live one day but are so so beautiful. We met a family along the way and bought some hand made bracelet before arriving to the caribbean town of Livingston.
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 LIVINGSTON  A lively Caribbean town at the mouth of Rio Dulce and Honduras. We arrived on our long boat and were met by a local Pablo, he showed us the local temples, nature, old houses and markets. The people in Livingston were hilarious and so friendly! Hopped on the boat back to our little cabin on the water in Rio Dulce.
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 CHICHICASTANANGO  Try saying that 3 times in a row! A colourful Guatemalan town filled with Mayan culture and famous for its open air markets. We spent hours weaving through the markets alley ways, chatting to locals. Our group also visited the Chichicastanago Cemetery, the most colourful cemetery i have ever seen!
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 The view of Lake Atitlan on our way into San Jorge La Laguna!  Check out Guatemala Central America PT.4 for the last part of our 3 week trip!
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