GUATEMALA  The last week of our central America Adventure was spent in Lake Atitlan & Antigua. I learnt so much from this trip and am so grateful to have visited so many beautiful places in 3 weeks!
 SAN JORGE LA LAGUNA  We spent the night in a Homestay in San Jorge La Laguna with Marcella & her children Malayna 2, Danny 8 & Ingrid 14. Ned and I bought Soap, toothpaste, a brush, soccer balls, pencils, notebooks, lollies & cookies for the family from the local markets as the people of San Jorge La Laguna go without a lot.   Marcella and her family spoke only Spanish or Kaqchikel which is the ancient Mayan language so with our basic broken spanglish, dinner conversation was like a game of charades haha!   We really appreciate that Geckos Adventures stops off at this town for a home stay as it provides much needed income for the community.
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 LAKE ATITLAN  Lake Atitlan is basically a HUGE body of water sitting in a volcano Crater - UM, CRAZY!!!  From Panajachel, we hopped on a boat trip for the day around 3 different villages on the Lake: SAN JUAN, SAN PEDRO & SANTIAGO.  The towns were full of art, coffee shops, colourful markets, temples and yummy food!  The golden sun setting behind the Volcano on the boat back was incredible but the pink sunset from the town Panajachel was magical!
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 ANTIGUA  Once the capitol of Guatemala, Antigua is a beautiful, colourful town surrounded by Volcanos and paved with cobble stones, spanish colonial buildings, markets, cafes and endless supplies of tacos!  Much of the town was destroyed by an earthquake in 1773, you can still see the effects on some of the older buildings in the town.  I could have spent a lot longer in this city, the people are incredibly friendly and the food is AMAZING! Best of our whole Central America trip!
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