MEXICO  A diverse country filled with an endless supply of Mayan History, delicious food, white sandy beaches and the friendliest locals!   
 We began our Essential Central America trip in Playa Del Carmen.  After around 35hrs of travel and only 5 hrs sleep we arrived in Playa around 9,30pm. We had organised a trip to Chichen Itza at 8am to beat the crowds however, there was no internet service at the hotel & the surrounding shops were all closed so we had no way of how to confirm an arrival time with our driver.  After a broken spanglish conversation with the hotel staff we figured out our drivers contact number and confirmed a pick up time of 6.30am, taking into consideration a 1 hr time difference between Playa & Chichen Itza.  It took around 2 hrs to get there and we arrived just as the grounds opened. Entry is around $12USD and so incredibly worth it. Ned and I visited Chichen Itza 2 yrs ago and fell in love with the History. We were desperate to visit again with the improved photography skills we now possess and knew arriving before all the tour buses was key!
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 TULUM  After an hr public bus ride, we arrived at Tulum and hit the streets for food. We found Tacos for 13pesos each, hired bikes and went for a ride around town to explore.  Amansala Beach Club was how we spent the rest of our day, relaxing, baking, eating and chatting to our new friends on our Geckos Tour.  Ned & I woke up for sunrise and rode down to the beach in the pitch black, Tulum did not let us down! It was a magical dream. After sunrise we headed to the Tulum Ruins, definately recommend going first thing in the morning to beat the crowds and the heat! 
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