Incredible Nepal.  The last week of our tour, THE ROAD TO KATHMANDU with Geckos Adventures was spent in Lumbini, Chitwan National Park, Pokhara & Kathmandu.  The locals stood out for me the most in Nepal, so kind, happy and they all seem to care so deeply for nature and the land.   
 LUMBINI  The birthplace of Buddha.  I found this place so peacefull, all the people coming in swarms from all walks of life to sit under the prayer flags.
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 CHITWAN NATIONAL PARK  Established in 1973, this world heritage site is home to wild Benagl Tigers, Rhinos, crocodiles along with another 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, 126 species of fish and 56 species of herpetofauna.  We didn't see any Tigers as they are usually active during night but on sunest some locals yelled out to us to quickly follow them. We all ran down to the river and there was 2 wild rhinos having a drink.. such an unbelievable experience!
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 POKHARA  This beautiful lake side city is a popular starting point for travellers heading to the Himalayas. Full of delish food, beautiful locals and tons of shops.
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 KATHMANDU  IN 2015 the incredible Boudhanath Temple was nearly destroyed from the devestating earth quakes in Nepal that killed 9000 people and injured 22,000.  The government failed to fund rebuilding of historic sites. Intrepid Travel has so far raised $700,000 AUD & because of this we were able to see the full glory of the Boudhananth Temple, now rebuilt and re open for the locals & tourist to visit. So increible to see the difference people can make! NAMASTE!  Here is a collection of pics from the 2 days we had in kathmandu.
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