SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA   San Fran is easily up there as one of my fav Cities in the world. It's full of character, colour, food and incredible views!   HOT TIPS:    STAY:  Europa Hotel/Hostel or The Green Tortoise, both reasonably priced & great locations!  EAT:  Busters Diner - Authentic American Burgers & Fries! The Baked Bear - Ice Cream Sandwiches, they even have GLUTEN FREE!  SEE: Lombard Street  - The view from the top is incredible, but we also loved the view from the bottom looking up! Its fun to walk all the way up, cute cafes along the way!  Golden Gate Bridge  - I loved walking along, taking our time to really take in this incredible Bridge.  Our favourite view point was hiking up to the  Battery Spencer View Point  - Bring a jacket as it is INSANELY windy but oh so amazing to see the smog passing over the bridge! Another view point is  Kirby Beach , originally there was a swing here but unfortunately it had been cut, still such a great perspective of the bridge and city from there.  Warning  this took quite some time to walk down/up. Take water & snacks!  Castro District -  San Fran has the biggest LGBTQ community in the world & we were lucky enough to arrive during PRIDE. It brought a tear to my eye to see all the colour, happiness & love being celebrated throughout the city.   Painted Ladies  - take a rug, some snacks, lay down & admire the gorgeous Painted ladies with a view of the city in the background.   
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  YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA   We picked our van up from San fran & hit the road to Yosemite NP   STAY:  Camping/Van - we slept at a campsite in the back of our van, it's so peaceful waking up in such a magical place!  EAT:  Walmart - save a buck & stock up on food, snacks & drinks!  SEE:  4 Mile Hike - little did we know how hard this was going to be! It was 7.6km straight UP a mountain AND 7.6km down. Ned & I probably should have done some more research haha! We arrived at the top of Glacier point, sweaty, dirty, exhausted but on sunset and I can't recommend it enough! Magical! Tunnel View Point - This was my fav spot in Yosemite. I could sit there all day!   
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  LAS VEGAS, NEVADA   Everytime I think of the Vegas its hard for me not to instantly think of the hangover! Lights, Scortching heat, flashy signs, hotels, casinos, restaurants, but my favourite thing is people watching. Take a seat anywhere on the Strip & just watch people pass by, it's HIGHLY entertaining haha!   STAY:  Flamingo Hotel, Tropicana or really ANYWHERE on the Strip! Just get a good deal!  EAT:  Sandoval Tacos - the best Tacos I've ever eaten AND THEY'RE ONLY 80 CENTS!  99Cent store off Charleston Blvd - stock up on fruit & snacks for next to nothing!  SEE:  Neon Museum - When we were in Vegas the tours were closed due to an extreme heat wave so we just paid a $2 donation and wandered around! Fremont Street at night. I really don't need to give you any advice except to go & experience it!  Las Vegas Blvd - The Downtown end, its filled with all the old motel signs & Wedding Chapels.      
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  MONUMENT VALLEY, UTAH   About a 9hr drive from Vegas, get the 90s mix ready! We actually crossed the Nevada/Utah border about 4 times during the day, making keeping track of the time near impossible haha! One of my fav American Sunset points!   Tips:  This road is about 20km away from the Tour centre. Due to having no phone reception, we never remembered the name of it! If you show a local a pic they'll show you!
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  HORSESHOE BEND, ARIZONA   About a 2.5hr drive from Monument Valley. This view point is one not to miss! The colour of the rocks, water and the tiny boats you see below will take your breathe away (so will the heat lol)   TIPS : Extreme heat & no where to buy water. Please pack extra water! We didn't and afterwards waited an hour until we found a little roadster to buy some. Wear enclosed shoes as there are no fences!   
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  GRAND CANYON, ARIZONA   I wasn't really sure if the Grand Canyon could live up to its name, but after arriving around sunset it really cleared up my doubts. Its HUGE, I honestly think every view point in the park is insane! 
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