VIETNAM ADVENTURE with BUSABOUT  HANOI  The first stop on our Busabout Vietnam Adventure was Hanoi. We arrived a few days early so we could spend 4 days exploring this busy city and wow Hanoi did not dissapoint! Hustle & Bustle would be the understatement of the century... There are people, scooters, cars, shops, food, animals & more jammed packed on every street, there are no pathways to walk on, just dodge what ever is in front of you oh and dont hesitate if crossing just arm up and GO GO GO! You can hardly move, its boiling hot, all you can hear is horns but Ned and I fell in love with this crazy city...
 LONG BIEN BRIDGE One morning we got up at 4am & walked enroute to the Long Bien Bridge, designed by Gustave Eiffel, the same designer of the Eiffel Tower. On the way, the normally crazy busy streets of Hanoi at this time only had a few locals getting ready for the day, it was so very peaceful.  When we began to walk along the 1.7km bridge at sunrise, below us we past food markets, locals living in shacks & Boats along the Red River and people coming into Hanoi for the day with all of their exports packed on scooters or their backs. The sunrise was magical and my favourite experience in Hanoi.
Hanoi 5.jpg
Hanoi 8.jpg
 This local seemed to be living on the Bridge, not a bad view!
Hanoi 26.jpg
 Markets below Long Bien Bridge
 Off to work!
 When you just have to take that call... LOVE this shot!
 Mornings with locals
 Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
 Tran Quoc Pagoda
 St. Joseph's Cathedral.. can you spot Ned?
Hanoi 18.jpg
 Quan Thanh Temple
Hanoi 13.jpg
 View from our Hotel in the Old quarter
Hanoi 20.jpg
 Sunrise at the Hoan Kiem Lake
Hanoi 14.jpg
 The Red Bridge on Hoan Kiem Lake
 Take the back streets...
 Having a drink and watching the craziness unfold 
Hanoi 23.jpg
 HALONG BAY  The day before we started our Busabout Adventure we booked a day trip to Halong Bay at Local Travel store for round $30usd each.  After a 3.5hr bus ride from our hotel we hopped on the mini cruise ship to a yummy lunch... before we knew it we were weaving around the 2000 Limestone Islands in Halong Bay... I felt like I was in Jurassic Park! Our boat stopped at Dau Go Cave which was believed to be 2 million yrs old... mind blowing. After we hopped on kayacks, passing locals living on house boats and getting a closer look at the massive Limestone Islands.  Another Magical day!
Halong Bay 5.jpg
Halong Bay 08.jpg
Halong Bay 1.jpg
Halong Bay 3.jpg
Halong Bay 11.jpg
Halong Bay 10.jpg
 Sun streaming into the Dau Go Cave
Halong Bay 4.jpg
 House Boats
 Having a bake with a view
 MAI CHAU  We hopped on our bus and headed to Mai Chau, it seemed a world away from the busy, noisy Hanoi, set in a beautiful green Valley surrounded by mountains and covered with rice fields. Most of the villagers are actually of Thai desent from Thailand, China and Laos and are so extrmely welcoming. We experienced a home stay with a gorgeous family in their traditional stilt home. We rode bikes around the village and aftwards the family shared with us dinner and maybe a little too much Rice wine haha! 
Mai Chau 4.jpg
 Our group weaving around the rice fields!
 The View from our beds.. incredible
 local farmers
 That view...
 We absolutely loved this little town... Check out Vietnam Part 2 with Busabout!
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